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Photography has always been a part of my life. The passion began at the early age of 12.
I was mesmerized by the magic of an image appearing as a print in a darkroom tray.
Photography remained with me as an enthusiasm, hobby and part-time career throughout high school and while completing a visual and performing arts degree, my final term resulting in an acting internship in the professional company at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. My background in theatre and BFA in acting greatly contributes to my understanding of and directing and working with talent, both human and animal. Not that humans aren't animal, but we'll get into that more later.

During the last thirty-five years, I have built an internationally-known clientele for my San Diego-based commercial photography studio. I create images for fashion, fitness, magazine, catalog & advertising.
I mostly photograph people and little people and animals.

Sometimes we dress animals like people or even other animals. Sometimes we dress babies as various non-human fauna or even exotic flora. All manner of kids to adult people are dressed as all variety of beings, of this world or not. Lot's and lot's of pirates and vampires, every storybook character, well. . . in the book and additional vampires all shape and sizes. And the ghouls and the girls, lots and lots of sexy pirate maidens, fortune tellers, flappers in fishnets and fairies. . . did I mention sexy vampires?!
All of this for the halloween, pet and costume industries. Now this is fun!